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Dry Eye Treatment in Brentwood, CA

Suffering from dry, gritty, burning eyes? Find relief at Delta Vista Optometry.

Dry Eye Treatment in Brentwood, CA

Dry eye syndrome is an eye condition where your tears do a poor job of keeping your eyes healthy, leading to uncomfortable symptoms. Fortunately, the optometrists at Delta Vista Optometry Associates in Brentwood, CA are here to help.

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About Dry Eye Syndrome

Your tears perform important jobs. They keep your eyes moist and clean by forming a protective coating. With each blink, tears wash over the surface of your eyes to rinse away dust and microorganisms.

Tears have three layers:

  1. Water layer – lubricates your eyes, washes away particles, prevents infection
  2. Oil layer – prevents the water in tears from evaporating too quickly
  3. Mucin layer – allows the watery layer to spread evenly over the surface of your eyes, helps tears stick to the surface of your eye, and nourishes the underlying cornea, which is the transparent tissue covering the front of your eye

Dry eye syndrome causes tears to be of low quality, quantity, or both.

This condition causes the protective tear coating to dry up, which results in a gritty or burning feeling in your eyes. Dry eye may even cause sensitivity to light or, in extreme cases, it can result in blurred vision.

Dry eyes may also be the result of inflammation of your eyelids or of the surface of your eyes.

Treatment Options

Our eye doctors in Brentwood provide dry eye treatment that can restore fluid balance to your tears and reduce symptoms.

We start with a comprehensive eye evaluation to determine if you have dry eyes. Your optometrist may prescribe lubricating eye drops to reduce dryness, steroid eye drops that reduce inflammation, or other prescription eye drops.

In-office procedures may be recommended, depending on the cause and severity of your dry eye syndrome.

If you have dry eyes, talk with your optometrist about your options. Call (925) 634-0303 or fill out this form to schedule an appointment with Delta Vista Optometry Associates.

Or give us a call (925) 634-0303